Let us take You to Brazil!

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Let us take you to Brazil!

Ipanema Grill is proud to share the best of Brazilian cuisine with the people of Camden. Brazilian barbecue is called Churrasco (pronounced Shu-has-co) and is a celebration food enjoyed weekly in Brazil. It always includes lots of delicious meat, black beans, potato salad and other specialty dishes. The style of cooking originated in southern Brazil and quickly became world famous. And what better spot to enjoy one of the most popular cuisines than at Ipanema Grill- named after one of the most stunning beaches in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

If a trip to Brazil isn’t in your budget, a trip to Ipanema Grill, your local churrascaria, most definitely is. What you can expect when you walk through the doors is to feel the spirit of Brazil. Leisurely, extravagant and relaxed all in one, it tantalizes your senses with an army of servers circulating the dining room with large skewers full of slow-grilled meats.

Fans of Brazilian Barbecue no longer need to go on a long commute to Central Sydney for it. For one low price, diners can enjoy all the meat and side dishes they desire fresh from skewers brought forth by daring wait staff right here in Camden. There’s no sad low-watt heat bulb hovering over dishes that have been sitting out for over an hour and no cans of Sterno lurking beneath. It’s pure meat indulgence in its most splendid form.

Ahh! One should be sure not to miss our Picanha which is a cut from the rump. It’s one of the juiciest, most tender cuts of beef you’ll ever experience. And while beef is certainly among the most popular of the meats you’ll encounter here, you’ll also find plenty of pork, lamb, chorizo, and chicken to feast upon.

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Brazilian Carnival is held on Saturdays during First Seating service only. We´re closed on Monday through Wednesday.


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Brazilian Barbecue

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